The Big Sprain
Season 1, Episode # 19
Number (#19) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Allan Melvin
Gary Grimes
Production code: 021
Writer(s) Tam Spiva
Director Russ Mayberry
Original airdate 6 February 1970
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The Big Sprain is the nineteenth episode of The Brady Bunch TV series, and the nineteenth overall episode in the series. Written by Tam Spiva and directed by Russ Mayberry, it premiered 6 February 1970 on ABC-TV.

Short summary

Alice sprains her ankle after slipping on some Chinese Checkers left out by the kids, so as punishment, the kids are all pressed into service to perform all the household chores.


Alice is confident that she can handle all the housework while Carol is away tending to her hypochondriac Aunt Mary. Alice's assertion quickly exceeds her capabilities when she trips over some of the kids' toys and sprains her ankle. As Alice is told by her doctor to stay off of her ankle, Mike and the kids are left to do the housework, which scares Alice, who believes she will have to clean up whatever mess they make.

Despite a plan of who is to do what, each individual's capabilities and narrow views of accomplishing only his/her own task leads to disaster. The kids eventually come to an understanding of what's going wrong, which they try to fix. However, it will be more difficult for them to fix what they see as the bigger problem. Alice was scheduled to go on a big date with Sam to the Meat Cutters' Ball on Saturday. Sam still plans to go without Alice, who fears that whoever he finds as his replacement date will also replace her in Sam's heart.

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