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The Brady Bunch: Season 1
The-Brady-Bunch-Season 1-DVD-cover
"The Brady Bunch" Season 1 DVD cover.
Episodes aired:
Dates aired:
September 26, 1969 - March 20, 1970
ABC-TV/United States
Previous Season: None/Not applicable
Next Season: Season 2

"The Brady Bunch" TV series: Season 1

This page lists all the episodes for Season 1 of the ABC-TV series The Brady Bunch. The season began with the pilot episode "Honeymoon", which was aired on September 26, 1969. A total of 25 episodes were aired, with the season finale episode, "Lost Locket, Found Locket", which aired on March 20, 1970.

Season 1 (1969–1970)

25 episodes 

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Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1 1 "The Honeymoon" John Rich Sherwood Schwartz September 26, 1969 000

Michael Brady, an architect and widower with three sons (Greg, Peter and Bobby) marries Carol Ann Martin, a mother with three daughters (Marcia, Jan and Cindy). Mike and Carol have a chaotic backyard wedding, in which the boys' dog, Tiger, chases the girls' cat, Fluffy. Mike and Carol admonish their children, yelling at them to go catch their pets. The newlywed couple goes on a honeymoon later that day, while the children sit at home thinking that their parents hate them. While on their honeymoon, Mike and Carol realize that they were too hard on their children, and they decide to bring them along on the honeymoon. They also bring along Alice (the housekeeper), Tiger and Fluffy.

Notes: This was the pilot episode for The Brady Bunch. This is the only episode where Christopher Knight is credited as "Chris Knight". It is Fluffy's only appearance in the series. Mike, Alice and the Brady boys live in a different house to that seen in the rest of the series. Also, this is the first out of two episodes not to have an epilogue/closing joke (the other being season 4's "Greg Gets Grounded"). 

Guest stars: J. Pat O'Malley as Henry Tyler, Joan Tompkins as Mrs. Henry Tyler, and Dabbs Greer as The Minister

2 2 "Dear Libby" John Rich Lois Hire October 3, 1969 002
Marcia reads a letter in the newspaper's "Dear Libby" column, wherein the recently married author is stressed out over a living arrangement similar to the Bradys'. She spills the news to her siblings (and step-siblings), and they all become convinced that either Mike or Carol wrote the letter.
3 3 "Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy" John Rich Joanna Lee October 10, 1969 005

Cindy is starring in the school play The Frog Prince as the fairy princess. She is very excited at the thought of her entire family watching her in the play, but later she is heartbroken when she discovers that she can only bring one parent, and she has much difficulty picking between Mike and Carol.

Guest stars: Marjorie Stamp as Mrs. Engstrom, Tracy Reed as Miss Sherry Marlowe, Brian Foster as the elf

4 4 "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" John Rich Paul West October 17, 1969 006
Alice discovers that the children are going to Carol with their problems instead of her. Thinking the family does not need her anymore, Alice invents a story about a "sick aunt in Seattle". Marcia and Jan overhear a phone conversation between Alice and her friend and discover the ruse. They tell their parents and the family devises a plan to get Alice to stay and are successful.
5 5 "Katchoo" John Rich William Cowley October 24, 1969 004
Jan's allergies are acting up, so Carol keeps her home from school. Alice and Carol are worried, and Alice fears it might be Mike or one of the boys. When it seems that Jan is allergic to Tiger, the family fear they might have to lose their pet dog, until it is learned that Jan is only allergic to his new flea powder.
6 6 "A Clubhouse Is Not a Home" John Rich Skip Webster October 31, 1969 001

Interpersonal relations among the kids reach a low after the boys refuse the girls entry to their clubhouse. Mike tries to reason with Carol that men sometimes need a place of their own. In the name of gender equality, Carol and the girls attempt to build their own clubhouse. They do a shoddy construction job and Cindy is nearly injured. Mike and the boys rebuild the clubhouse but the boys' clubhouse suddenly collapses. Bobby had pulled out the nails from the boys' clubhouse to finish the girls' clubhouse.

Guest stars: June Foray as Sandra (voice only; uncredited), Hans Conried as Lance (voice only; uncredited) 

Note: This actually was the second episode filmed.

7 7 "Kitty Karry-All Is Missing" John Rich Al Schwartz & Bill Freedman November 7, 1969 003
After Cindy and Bobby get mad at each other, Cindy loses her doll. She accuses Bobby of "doll-napping", while Bobby promises that he did not take it, this is not enough for Cindy. It causes a rift between boys (who believe Bobby is innocent) and girls (who believe Bobby is guilty). A mock trial is held for Bobby, during which Jan suddenly votes Bobby as innocent (against Marcia's expectations) and Peter votes Bobby as guilty (against Greg's expectations), which also causes a rift between Jan and Marcia and between Greg and Peter. Next, Bobby's kazoo goes missing, and he retaliates by blaming Cindy for stealing it. Bobby realizes that Cindy is very sad, and he spends all of his money on a new doll for her, but she will not accept it. After it goes missing too, the clues then lead to the real culprit: Tiger.
8 8 "A-Camping We Will Go" Oscar Rudolph Herbert Finn & Alan Dinehart November 14, 1969 012
Mike and the boys have gone camping once a year for several years and Carol and Mike insist on a camping trip for all the family. The girls do not want to participate, and the boys do not want them along either. The family trip starts out a failure, but things then improve.
9 9 "Sorry, Right Number" George Cahan Ruth Brooks Flippen November 21, 1969 009

A huge phone bill prompts Mike to have a pay telephone installed to teach the kids a lesson in financial responsibility. His plan nearly backfires when he is forced to use the payphone to close a deal.

Note: This is the first appearance of Allan Melvin as the recurring role of Sam Franklin.

Guest star: Howard Culver as Mr. Crawford

10 10 "Every Boy Does It Once" Oscar Rudolph Lois Peyser & Arnold Peyser December 5, 1969 014

After Bobby watches a television adaptation of "Cinderella," older stepsisters Marcia and Jan tease him, then Carol asks for his help in sweeping the chimney. Bobby reasons that what he just saw on TV was correct: All stepmothers and stepsisters are evil. So, feeling unloved and unwanted, he decides to run away.

Guest stars: Michael Lerner as Johnny, Larry McCormick as the TV announcer (voice only)

11 11 "Vote for Brady" David Alexander Elroy Schwartz December 12, 1969 013
Marcia and Greg compete for student body president. Partisanship overtakes the household, prompting Mike to step in and lecture the kids about unity. It's a talk Greg takes very seriously, particularly when his campaign manager Rusty (Stephen Liss) suggests stirring up rumors about Marcia. Greg rejects Rusty's suggestion and fires him. Marcia overhears this and realizes Greg has integrity and a sense of fair play, and decides to concede to Greg. Also, by the end, Cindy wins the position of crossing guard for a week, upsetting Bobby.

Note: This episode was heavily parodied in late-1980s sitcom "Day by Day" episode "A Very Brady" episode, in which Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Peter) and Mike Lookinland (Bobby) guest-starred.

12 12 "The Voice of Christmas" Oscar Rudolph John Fenton Murray December 19, 1969 015

In the show's only Christmas episode, Carol comes down with laryngitis and may not be able to sing at the holiday service. Cindy asks a department store Santa Claus (Hal Smith) for a miracle. The older children are also depressed by Carol's illness, prompting Alice to remind them of the true meaning of the holiday.

Featured SongO Come All Ye Faithful sung by Florence Henderson. It was later featured in 1988 TV movie A Very Brady Christmas, sung by the whole family.

13 13 "Is There A Doctor in the House?" Oscar Rudolph Ruth Brooks Flippen December 26, 1969 010
All six children have the measles. Carol calls the girls' usual doctor, a woman (Marion Ross), while Mike has called the boys' doctor: a man (Herbert Anderson). The girls prefer their usual doctor, and the boys prefer their doctor. They come to the conclusion that they can use both doctors, and it turns out that both doctors have decided to combine their practices.
14 14 "Father of the Year" George Cahan Skip Webster January 2, 1970 007
Marcia nominates Mike as "Father of the Year" in a newspaper contest, but her actions to keep this secret results in several misunderstandings. She is first asked to do a few extra chores for being caught in Mike's den (past bedtime) where she is writing her letter for the contest. After not doing them to continue writing the secret entry, she is grounded for a week. Then when she sees the deadline for entry for the contest was the next day, she sneaks out to mail the letter. When she is caught outside well past her bedtime she is grounded from going with the family on a ski trip which was being planned in the subplot. Things are resolved when Mike is presented with the "Father of the Year" plaque and informed of how he won.
15 15 "54-40 and Fight" Oscar Rudolph Burt Styler January 9, 1970 011

The girls and boys fight over 94 books of trading stamps; the boys want to redeem them for a rowboat while the girls want a sewing machine. The stamps must be used quickly as the trading stamp company is going out of business, and attempts to reach a compromise fail. Carol and Mike allow a deciding competition to be held: the building of a house of cards, with the winner to decide. The girls win, but their sense of compromise wins out and they buy a portable color television set.

Guest star: Herb Vigran as Harry.

16 16 "Mike's Horror-Scope" David Alexander Ruth Brooks Flippen January 16, 1970 016

Carol reads Mike's horoscope, which tells of a strange woman entering his life. Mike is besieged by fussy client Beebe Gallini (Abbe Lane) who monopolizes his time disrupting family activities. Beebe visits the Brady home and dictates impossible design specifications, but Mike ultimately loses the deal after the children's interruptions anger Beebe. Mike realizes losing the deal has saved his firm from a nervous breakdown.

Guest star: Joe Ross as Duane Cartwright (uncredited)

17 17 "The Undergraduate" Oscar Rudolph David P. Harmon January 23, 1970 018
Greg seems to be having trouble with math. Mike and Carol discover that Greg's "math trouble" is actually him having a crush on his math teacher, Miss Linda O'Hara (Gigi Perreau). The situation is resolved when Miss O'Hara's fiancée, Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team's first base player Wes Parker, promises Greg two tickets to the next season's opener if Greg promises to get an A in math.
18 18 "Tiger! Tiger!" Herb Wallerstein Elroy Schwartz January 30, 1970 020

Bobby becomes upset when Tiger runs away, and the family searches for him. The kids all chip in money for Bobby to buy an ad and offer a reward. After the Brady's scour the area, Tiger is found at a neighbor's house, having fathered a litter of puppies.

Guest stars: Maggie Malooly as Mrs. Simpson, Gary Grimes as the young man

19 19 "The Big Sprain" Russ Mayberry Tam Spiva February 6, 1970 021
While Carol is away caring for her sick Aunt Mary, Alice sprains her ankle after slipping on some Chinese Checkers left out by the kids. As punishment, the kids are all pressed into service to perform all the household chores. Things do not go so well at first, but through learning how to cooperate things improve markedly.
20 20 "Brace Yourself" Oscar Rudolph Brad Radnitz February 13, 1970 020

Marcia tearfully frets "I'm ugly, ugly, ugly!" over her new braces. Then her date Alan Anthony (Mike Robertson) cancels, claiming that he has to go out of town with his parents to visit a relative. Greg, Mike and Alice make attempts to arrange replacement dates, but a lack of coordination ruins the plan. Then just before the night of the dance, Alan arrives to resume the date ... before showing off his new braces (which he had fitted after an accident with his bicycle).

Guest stars: Jerry Levreau as Harold Reynolds, Brian Nash as Joey Michaelson, John Daniels as Eddie the delivery courier, Molly Dodd as the sales clerk

21 21 "The Hero" Oscar Rudolph Elroy Schwartz February 20, 1970 022

Peter learns a lesson in heroism and humility after being written up as "Hero of the Month" in the local newspaper for saving a young girl's life during an accident at Driscoll's Toy Shop. Peter is so enamored with his heroics that throws himself a congratulatory party. He is humbled when no one shows up.

Guest stars: Dani Nolan as Mrs. Spencer, Melanie Baker as Tina Spencer, Dave Morick as Earl Hopkins, Randy Lane as Steve, Susan Joyce as Jennifer, Iler Rasmussen as Jason, Joe Conley as the delivery courier

22 22 "The Possible Dream" Oscar Rudolph Al Schwartz & Bill Freedman February 27, 1970 024

No thanks to Cindy, Marcia's diary gets mixed in with books for a charity drive, leading the family on a search for her diary. The reason for the frantic search, is that Marcia's worried someone will find out she has a crush on Desi Arnaz, Jr.. In order to cheer Marcia up, Alice contacts Lucille Ball's housekeeper, and requests that the young Arnaz pay Marcia a visit.

Guest stars: Gordon Jump as Mr. Collins, Jonathan Hole as Mr. Thackery, Pat Patterson as the collection courier

23 23 "To Move or Not to Move" Oscar Rudolph Paul West March 6, 1970 018

Mike considers selling the Bradys' undersized house when the children complain about a lack of room. However, the kids have second thoughts and pretend to be ghostsin order to scare off would-be buyers. The kids' efforts succeed, while Mike realizes how much the kids like the current home, even with the lack of space.

Guest stars: Fran Ryan as Mrs. Hunsaker, C. Lindsay Workman as Mr. Bertram Grossman

24 24 "The Grass Is Always Greener" George Cahan David P. Harmon March 13, 1970 008

Carol and Mike switch roles to see who is better at the other's household chores. Just as Carol tries teaching baseball to her sons, only to give new meaning to the word incompetence, Mike tries to help Marcia with her cooking project in order to earn a Girl Scouts cooking badge, only to be the victim of several accidents in the kitchen.

Note: During the filming of this episode, Robert Reed took issue with Sherwood Schwartz's direction to slip on an egg.[1]

25 25 "Lost Locket, Found Locket" Norman Abbott Charles Hoffman March 20, 1970 023
When Jan becomes depressed from a lack of attention, her spirits are lifted when she receives a locket from a secret admirer, however Jan loses the locket. Jan uses her detective skills to find it, and can't discover who sent it. Alice later confides in Jan that she sent the locket; she was a middle child too and often felt inferior to her two sisters.

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