Professor Hubert Whitehead
Vincent Price as Dr. Whitehead

Professor Whitehead in Season 3 of The Brady Bunch TV series.

General Information
Occupation: Archaeologist
About: Traps the Brady boys in a Hawaiian cave, mistakenly coming to the paranoid conclusion that they have conspired to steal his latest "find", meaning the caves, which are ancient burial grounds
Family/Personal Information
Appeared on: The Brady Bunch
Episodes appeared in: "The Tiki Caves" and "Pass the Tabu" (Season 3)
Character played by: Vincent Price]

Professor Hubert Whitehead appeared in two episodes of The Brady Bunch, "Pass the Tabu" and "The Tiki Caves". The part of Professor Whitehead is played by veteran horror-film genre star and character actor Vincent Price.

About the Professor

Vincent Price Dr. Whitehead Bobby Peter and Greg Brady

Mistakenly thinking that they are trying to steal credit for his latest archaeological "find", meaning the tiki caves, Prof. Whitehead confronts the Brady boys, trapping them there in the episode "The Tiki Caves".

When the Brady clan goes on vacation to Hawaii in the episode "Hawaii Bound", which was the first of a three episode story, In the episode "Pass the Tabu", the third episode, Bobby, Peter, and Greg were trying, to rid themselves of a possible curse that was attached to trying to keep it, to return an ancient Tiki, a precious trinket, back to its place of origin, a cave that was used as an ancient Hawaiian burial ground. Professor Whitehead, who's an archaeologist, traps the Brady boys in the cave, somehow coming to the paranoid conclusion that they have conspired to steal his latest "find", meaning, the burial grounds. Mike and Carol are able to track down the boys and convince Whitehead he would receive proper credit for his "find."

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