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This article is a list of episodes of the 1969–1974 ABC situation comedy, The Brady Bunch. The original airdates are listed. All 117 episodes originally aired on Fridays.

Season 1 (1969–1970)Edit

25 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1 September 26, 1969 101 The Honeymoon Mike and Carol are wed in a chaotic wedding where the girls' cat and the boys' dog destroy the catered meal at the reception. Later the children all go to Mike and Carol's honeymoon along with Alice and the pets.
  • Guest star: Dabbs Greer as the Minister
  • Note: This is the only episode in which Christopher Knight is shown as "Chris Knight" in the closing credits
2 October 3, 1969 103 Dear Libby The kids worry when a letter to a newspaper advice columnist mirrors the Bradys' new living situation.
3 October 10, 1969 106 Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy Cindy is starring in the school play "The Frog Prince" as the fairy princess. She is excited to have her entire family there including her new father and brothers. But a phone call and letter is sent home that says that she can only bring one parent to a play held in her school's undersized auditorium. This causes a dilemma for her.
  • Note: Features the only appearance of a Partridge Family cast member (Brian Forster)
4 October 17, 1969 107 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore With Carol now part of the family, Alice, feeling unwanted, resigns her housekeeping job, leaving the Bradys scrambling to show her she's needed. They succeed and Alice stayed on top.
5 October 24, 1969 105 Katchoo Jan is sneezing uncontrollably and appears to have a bad cold. It's discovered she has an allergy. Initially, Carol thinks Jan is allergic to her new father Mike (she was sneezing with Mike in her room), but Tiger, the family dog was also in the room. It is soon discovered that Jan is allergic to Tiger. But just as the Bradys take Tiger to their grandparents house, it's discovered that Jan is allergic to Tiger's flea powder.
6 October 31, 1969 102 A Clubhouse is Not a Home The boys and girls fight over wrongs to the boys' clubhouse, resulting in them making their own.
7 November 7, 1969 104 Kitty Karry-All is Missing Cindy accuses Bobby of doll-napping when her beloved Kitty Karry-All turns up missing and Bobby accuses Cindy of stealing his kazoo.
8 November 14, 1969 113 A-Camping We Will Go The Brady family goes on their first camping trip as nine. Mike and the boys have done this once a year for quite a few years. The girls do not want to participate and the boys do not want them to either, but Mike and Carol insist. The trip starts out a failure but things turn out well in the end. By the end of the episode the entire family is glad they went. The Bradys would take another camping trip next year (when Greg almost does not go and unlike this year his parents won't force him). Two years later they would take their annual camping trip to the Grand Canyon Trip, so this episode lays the groundwork.
9 November 21, 1969 110 Sorry, Right Number Mike installs a pay telephone in the house to teach his children a lesson in fiscal responsibility, but it almost backfires on him.
  • Note: Allan Melvin makes the first of eight appearances as Sam Franklin, Alice's boyfriend and operator of the local butcher shop.
10 December 5, 1969 115 Every Boy Does It Once Bobby and Cindy watch a TV presentation of Cinderella on TV. Bobby remarks that all stepsisters and stepmothers are evil, an observation he thinks is confirmed when Marcia and Jan tease him and Carol asks him for help in cleaning out the fireplace. Bobby decides to run away. Mike and Carol find out and devise a way to stop their youngest son from leaving a trail of fruitloops. When Bobby decides he has his mind made up, Carol offers to go with him. After a heartfelt talk, Bobby realizes that the only "steps" in the house are those connecting the upstairs to the downstairs.
11 December 12, 1969 114 Vote for Brady Greg and Marcia compete for class president. Partisan politics results, with the brothers and sisters each taking sides. When rude behavior prevails as each candidate rehearses his or her speech, Mike steps in and lectures the family about unity. It's a talk Greg takes seriously when his campaign manager Rusty suggests turning things up another level - by starting a rumor about Marcia. Greg not only refuses but fires Rusty; unknown to anyone, Marcia overhears the whole thing and realizes that Greg has integrity and an ample sense of fair play. She ultimately decides to concede the race to her brother.
12 December 19, 1969 116 The Voice of Christmas In the series' sole Christmas episode, Carol develops laryngitis and may not be able to sing at the Christmas service. Cindy asks a department store Santa for a miracle. Meanwhile, the older children are bummed because of Carol's illness, prompting Alice to remind them about the true meaning of Christmas.
13 December 26, 1969 111 Is There a Doctor in the House The kids fall ill with the Measles, leading to a debate over the abilities of male and female doctors.
14 January 2, 1970 108 Father of the Year Marcia nominates her new father as "Father of the Year" in a newspaper contest. Her efforts to enter Mike without him knowing - namely, using his den without permission and sneaking out late to mail the letter before the midnight deadline - lead to all sorts of misunderstandings. At one point, Marcia is told she cannot accompany the family on a ski trip. The whole matter is cleared up when the editorial board from the newspaper present Mike with a plaque, denoting that he has been named "Father of the Year".
15 January 9, 1970 112 54-40 and a Fight In a reflection of the time, the girls and boys fight over 94 books of trading stamps - each wanting to trade them in for different gifts. Furthermore, they must decide in short order, since the trading stamp company is going out of business. After attempts to reach a compromise fail (the boys want a rowboat, and the girls want a sewing machine and neither side will give in), Mike and Carol allow their children to build a house of cards. The girls win, but their sense of compromise eventually wins out when they buy a portable color television set.
16 January 16, 1970 117 Mike's Horror-Scope Mike is besieged by a fussy client, a perfume heiress, who is insistent on wanting a building impossibly designed to her specifications.
17 January 23, 1970 119 The Undergraduate Greg seems to be having trouble with math. When Mike and Carol investigate, they discover that Greg's "math trouble" is actually him having a crush on his math teacher.
18 January 30, 1970 121 Tiger Tiger Tiger runs away, leading the family on a search to find him.
19 February 6, 1970 122 The Big Sprain While Carol is away, Alice sprains her ankle. The kids are pressed into service to perform the household chores. Things don't go well at first, but through learning how to co-operate, they manage the house quite well.
20 February 13, 1970 120 Brace Yourself Marcia frets over her new braces, and her worries are made worse when new boyfriend Alan, her date for the upcoming school dance, cancels at the last moment (he claims it's because his parents are going out of town and he has to go with them). Greg, Mike and Alice all try to set Marcia up with substitute dates, but a lack of co-ordination ruins the whole thing. Eventually, Alan decides he wants to go to the dance after all (turns out he needed braces too, after an accident with his bicycle), and it isn't long before Marcia is off to the dance!
21 February 20, 1970 123 The Hero Peter learns a lesson in heroism and humility after being written up in the local newspaper for saving a young girl's life following an accident at the local toy store.
22 February 27, 1970 125 The Possible Dream Thanks to Cindy, Marcia's diary gets mixed in with books for a charity drive, leading the family on a search for the book. The reason for the frantic search: Marcia's worried that someone will find out she has a crush on Desi Arnaz, Jr.
23 March 6, 1970 118 To Move or Not to Move Mike considers selling the Bradys' undersized house when the children complain, but they have second thoughts and conspire to scare off would-be buyers.
24 March 13, 1970 109 The Grass is Always Greener Mike and Carol switch roles to see who is better at the other's household duties. Carol tries teaching baseball to her stepsons, but gives new meaning to the word incompetence. Meanwhile, Mike tries to help Marcia with a cooking project (for a Girl Scouts badge), but is the victim of several accidents in the kitchen.
25 March 20, 1970 124 Lost Locket, Found Locket Jan loses a locket sent to her by a secret admirer. Detective work to reveal the culprit fails to come to a conclusion, but Alice later confides in Jan that she sent the locket; she was actually a middle child and often felt inferior to her two other sisters.

Season 2 (1970–1971)Edit

24 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1 September 25, 1970 202 The Dropout Greg's ego runs amok after a compliment from professional baseball player Don Drysdale, so much so that the eldest Brady boy vows to dedicate his whole being to the sport. Mike decides to re-invite Drysdale over to talk about the drawbacks of life on the road, making sure Greg overhears the conversation - but it only convinces him more that he's the next big thing. It takes a 12-run shelling in his Pony League game (and plenty of humiliation by his brothers) to knock Greg into reality.
2 October 2, 1970 203 The Babysitters Greg and Marcia are left home alone with the younger children for the very first of quite a few times while Mike and Carol attempt to enjoy an evening out while Alice is helping her boyfriend Sam redecorate his house.
3 October 9, 1970 206 The Slumber Caper Marcia hosts a slumber party in the Bradys' home, but it could be put on permanent hold when she is accused of drawing a derogatory picture of one of her teachers in class. The principal gives Marcia detention for a week. After hearing her side of the story, Mike and Carol stand behind their daughter and decide that the party is on, even though Marcia still has to attend detention at school. Marcia becomes convinced that one of her friends, Jenny, was the guilty party and decides to disinvite her. Greg and his brothers conspire to disrupt the party with a series of childish pranks, but most of their antics don't work. The boys finally succeed in causing a ruckus when they place itching powder in the girls' sleeping bags. While the girls clean up, Paula, another of Marcia's friends, admits she took her scrawling and placed the insulting caption beneath it. Marcia is embarrassed and decides she needs to re-invite Jenny to the party.

4 October 16, 1970 205 The Un-Underground Movie Greg films a documentary on the First Thanksgiving, starring the Bradys, for a class project.
5 October 23, 1970 201 Going, Going ..... Steady Marcia's new boyfriend, Harvey Klinger, is a nerdy insect collector. The whole situation seems harmless enough; nevertheless, Mike and Carol feel uneasy about their oldest daughter starting to "go steady".
6 October 30, 1970 210 Call Me Irresponsible Greg, saving money for a car, wins - then loses - then gets back - his first job as a gofer for Mike's architectural firm. Although this job is not mentioned for a long while and he does get a job at Sam's butcher shop the next year, two years later on another episode, "Career Fever", it's mentioned that Greg still works for Mike's firm in the summers.
7 November 6, 1970 207 The Treasure of Sierra Avenue The boys discover a wallet containing $1,100 in a vacant lot and are told by Mike and Carol that they must turn it in to the police. In the process, the boys learn that honesty and integrity are more important in life than "finders keepers".

8 November 13, 1970 208 A Fistful of Reasons A bully named Buddy Hinton taunts Cindy because of her lisp ("Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder you can walk"), leading Peter to stick up for his youngest sister, which in turn leads him to getting punched in the face, and getting a black eye. The family tries to convince Peter to try to talk some sense in Buddy, but he's only interested in fighting. When Mike and Carol are unable to get anywhere with Buddy's parents because they're twice as bad as their son, they tell Peter that he may need to fight to stick up for Cindy.
9 November 20, 1970 215 The Not So Ugly Duckling Jan makes up a boyfriend, George Glass, when her crush on an actual classmate is unrequited.
10 December 4, 1970 209 The Tattletale Cindy's tattletaling annoys her siblings and parents. In the subplot, Alice enters a jingle contest and wins a stereo system, which gets placed in the family room.

  • Absent: Christopher Knight
  • Note #1: The first record the Bradys acquire is Best of Gilbert & Sullivan.
  • Note #2: One of two episodes Susan Olsen (understandably) hates.
11 December 11, 1970 213 What Goes Up... After a fall, Bobby becomes scared of heights. Mike, Carol, and the Bradys then set about working to help him overcome this new problem.

  • Absent: Maureen McCormick
  • Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Tiger, the family's dog (although he is later seen in "The Impractical Joker", this is his final appearance in terms of production order).
  • Blooper:: Greg calls Jan by her real name (Eve) in the trampoline scene
12 December 18, 1970 208 Confessions, Confessions Peter fears he will be grounded and not be allowed to go on a scout camping trip after disobeying Carol's admonition, "don't play ball in the house", and breaks his mother's favorite vase. The other kids confess to doing it and as a result Peter must decide their punishments. In the end, Peter confesses and he, himself, decides as a punishment that he should not be allowed to go on the camping trip.
13 January 1, 1971 210 The Impractical Joker Jan sets loose Greg's science project mouse Myron, after he and his brothers decide to take Myron's cage in at night for fear of the neighbors' cat trying to eat it. Jan decides to hide Myron in the girls' clothing hamper, but Myron chews his way out, and runs about the house undetected until Alice sees him running through the kitchen the next day. She calls the exterminator, and by the time the Brady brothers and Jan learn of the news, they give up looking, thinking he made his way under the house where the exterminator had been spraying and had died. The whole family later finds out that Myron is alive, and is, in fact, in Tiger's doghouse, which is why Tiger had been barking and howling. The episode ends with Alice thinking Jan played another joke by putting an ink stain on one of her aprons, but she quickly discovers she actually had a pen in her apron pocket.

  • Note: Barry Williams' book, Growing Up Brady, includes a letter from Robert Reed to Sherwood Schwartz critical of a closing gag wherein Alice is fooled by an ink spot on one of her aprons. This is the final appearance of Tiger (The Bradys' Dog).
14 January 8, 1971 218 Where There's Smoke While at high school with some friends, Greg experiments with smoking. Greg confesses when his parents find out and warn him about the dangers of cigarettes. Meanwhile, Greg and his friend, Tommy, are forming a rock band (The Banana Convention). One day when he comes home from school, Greg takes off his jacket and a pack of cigarettes falls out. Tommy's mother, who is working with Carol on an anti-smoking campaign as part of a PTA project, refuses to believe Greg when he insists the cigarettes weren't his and decides to kick Carol off the committee when she stands behind her son. Eventually, Alice realizes that Greg came home with the wrong jacket; his coat's lining was torn, but the one he wore had one that was intact. Greg realizes that the coat — and thus, the cigarettes — belonged to Tommy. Tommy comes over to get his jacket and realizes that Greg knows about the cigarettes. He tries to not make a big deal about it, but when his mother comes in to see what the hold up is about, Tommy has to admit the truth. His embarrassed mother apologizes to Carol and then (presumably) deals with Tommy.
  • Guest stars: Craig Hundley & Marie Denn
  • Note: This marked the first episode Greg plays the guitar. He also sings "Til I Met You", a song Barry Williams co-wrote.
15 January 15, 1971 219 Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up? Jan, believing that brunettes have more fun than blondes, invests in a wig to stand out at a party, and the whole thing turns out to be a fiasco as the partygoers ridicule her new look. Peter's reluctance to attend this party is the subplot.

16 January 22, 1971 217 The Drummer Boy Musical stories abound: Peter is relentlessly teased because he plays football and sings for the glee club alongside Jan and Cindy; and Bobby (who failed to audition) is also horribly untalented as a drummer. However, when Peter (Christopher Knight)'s friends tell him that singing is for girls, soon he quits the glee club and learns that even boys can sing.
  • Guest star: Deacon Jones.
  • Note: Ironically, in real life, Mike Lookinland (alongside Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick) was musically talented, in contrast to Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb and Susan Olsen.
17 January 29, 1971 214 Coming Out Party Mike's boss invites his family for an outing on his boat, but it gets delayed when Carol and Cindy have tonsillitis.
18 February 5, 1971 220 Our Son, the Man Greg tries too hard to act like an older teenager: he wants his own room and — in trying to pick up an older girl — tries acting too mature for his age at school. He gets Mike's den as a room since the attic is too small. Greg refuses to participate in family activities such as planning the annual family camping trip. However, Greg realizes that — after the older girl isn't interested, and realizing he isn't happy in his new room — he decides that he still has a lot of growing up to do and: 1. moves back into his brothers' room; and 2. goes on the camping trip.

  • Guest star: Chris Beaumont (This is his first of four appearances on the show)
  • Note: In this episode, Mike tells Carol that that the attic would be suitable for Greg only if he were two feet tall. However, in later episodes (including the entire fifth season), Greg moves into the attic and it is full-sized.
19 February 12, 1971 221 The Liberation of Marcia Brady At school, Marcia is approached by a television reporter doing a story on the women's liberation movement. Marcia believes that women are equal to men in many respects and deserve equal treatment. Greg watches the news report and tries to rebut his sister's comments. Marcia decides to make a point by declaring she's joining the Frontier Scouts, to prove she is more than equal to the initiation tasks. Greg decides to get even by enlisting Peter to join her Sunflower Girls. While Peter's attempt to sell cookies wilts under his gross embarrassment, Marcia proves she is more than well-suited to join the Frontier Scouts by passing all the tests. In the end, she decides not to join after all; she just wanted to make her point known.
20 February 19, 1971 222 Lights Out Cindy develops a fear of the dark after seeing a magician's "disappearing lady" act at a party. Peter helps Cindy deal with her fear by asking her to be his assistant for a magic act at his school's upcoming talent show. The whole thing is nearly undermined when Bobby plays a cruel joke on his sister, but Cindy shows courage when she learns that Peter's new assistant, Jan, hurt herself in gym class.
21 February 26, 1971 223 The Winner Bobby's self-eteem is at an all-time low because he can't seem to win a first-place award.

  • Guest star: Hal Smith (as Cartoon King)
  • Blooper: Mike, Carol and Bobby leave for the TV studio in the blue convertible and return home in the brown station wagon.
22 March 5, 1971 224 Double Parked The family campaigns to save their favorite park, which may be the site of a new courthouse Mike is designing.

23 March 13, 1971 225 Alice's September Song Alice's dashing former sweetheart wants to rekindle their romance, but only so he can defraud her.
24 March 20, 1971 216 Tell it Like it Is Carol is invited to tell her family's story for a women's magazine.

Season 3 (1971–1972)Edit

23 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1 September 17, 1971 051 Ghost Town U.S.A. The family begins their third annual camping trip (the tradition would end this season). This year the trip would be to the Grand Canyon, and visits a ghost town. A demented prospector, who is convinced that the Bradys are out to jump his non-existent gold claim, locks them in the old jail while he steals their car.
  • Guest star: Jim Backus.
  • Guest star: Hoke Howell: as the Gas Station Attendant (Hoke Howell played the original Dud Walsh on The Andy Griffith Show)[1]
  • Note: Part 1 of a three-part episode, filmed on location at the Grand Canyon.
2 September 24, 1971 052 Grand Canyon or Bust The family, having escaped from jail, begins efforts to call for help – by starting a huge signal fire. Just then, the prospector returns, Mike and Peter in the car with him, as Mike has convinced the old man that his family is no threat to his fictitious gold claim. They leave the ghost town and arrive at the Grand Canyon. While there, Bobby and Cindy get lost after running after a Native American boy who eludes them.
  • Guest star: Jim Backus.
  • Note: Part 2 of a three-part episode, filmed on location at the Grand Canyon.
3 October 1, 1971 053 The Brady Braves Mike comes to the aid of a runaway Native American boy, Jimmy, who believes his grandfather would scoff at the idea of Jimmy someday becoming an astronaut. The Bradys wind up their Grand Canyon vacation by participating in a ceremony making them honorary members of his tribe.

  • Guest star: Jay Silverheels.
  • Note: Part 3 of a three-part episode, filmed on location at the Grand Canyon.
4 October 8, 1971 054 The Wheeler Dealer Greg gets his driver's license and buys his first car from a slick-talking friend. But all the restoration in the world can't change the fact the car is a lemon.The car was a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible
5 October 15, 1971 059 My Sister, Benedict Arnold Greg is furious that Marcia is dating his rival, Warren, who has beaten him out for class president and a spot on the first-string basketball team. Although Warren is a very nice fellow, Marcia simply doesn't have any "sparks" for him and decides to part ways with the boy. However, Greg warns Marcia she will never see Warren again, or else. In spite, Marcia decides to resume her relationship, prompting Greg to ask out a girl that's at the bottom of Marcia's list, even though Greg would rather date other girls. In the end, Mike and Carol counsel their oldest children about using their dating partners to annoy each other. In the sub-plot, the Bradys are busy building a "dunk tank" for the carnival at another school the younger Bradys attend.
6 October 22, 1971 056 The Personality Kid The "porkchops and applesauce" episode. At a party, Peter was told he has no personality. Rather than admit he simply had a bad time at a dull party, he tries to create a new personality. He forces several different personas - including his infamous impersonation of Humphrey Bogart in describing the family's dinner menu, but none of them go over well. Later, he buys a joke book, but when he tries them out at his party, he finds everyone knows the punchlines. Just as he's trying to keep his party afloat, Bobby and Cindy (who in the subplot were on a safety campaign) call a surprise fire drill, forcing everyone to flee the house.
7 October 29, 1971 054 Juliet is the Sun Marcia is given the lead female role in her school's production of "Romeo and Juliet," and doubts she's suitable for the role. After all the Bradys encourage her, Marcia's ego grows wild and unmanageable. She becomes so verbally abusive to others that she is eventually dismissed from the play. Marcia's crushed, but then offers to take a smaller role (Juliet's mother - Lady Capulet) when that actress falls ill.
8 November 5, 1971 061 And Now a Word From Our Sponsor The Bradys are hired by a hip director, Skip Farnum, to star in a new television commercial for a laundry detergent, a competitor to the brand that's currently in their laundry room. After a comparison test, the new detergent is found to be superior and the family agrees to star in the commercial. However, the family has been taking advice from acting teacher Myrna Carter (an acquaintance of the Bradys who insists that her first name is pronounced "Meer-na"), and the end result has their style being forced. Skip is appalled at what he sees and fires the Bradys. On his way out of the house, Skip remarks on how the Bradys' acting methods remind him of an actress who "was terrible:" Myrna Carter.
  • Guest star: Paul Winchell.
  • Note: Robert Reed did not find this episode particularly comfortable, mainly because of the script and characters. As a result, he resorted to writing a letter of complaint to Sherwood Schwartz on the matter.
9 November 12, 1971 060 The Private Ear Using his father's tape recorder, Peter eavesdrops on his siblings' conversations. After Mike counsels Peter on his behavior and considers the matter settled, Greg and Marcia decide to take matters into their own hands.
10 November 19, 1971 057 Her Sister's Shadow Jan frets (the classic "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia") when her teachers constantly compare her to her older sibling.
11 November 26, 1971 062 Click! Greg, a new member of the Westdale High School football team, takes an interest in photography. He develops self-pity when he becomes injured in a scrimmage.
12 December 10, 1971 065 Getting Davy Jones Marcia, president of her school's Davy Jones fan club, hastily promises she can get the former Monkee to sing at her school's upcoming dance. Her boast results in her having to scramble to get the singer to actually agree to appear.
13 December 24, 1971 063 The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses Jan's failing grades and unintentionally taking someone else's bicycle leads to her getting glasses. She balks at wearing them, which leads to her causing an accident that damages a portrait of the kids (which Mike intended as an anniversary present for Carol).

14 December 31, 1971 058 The Teeter-Totter Caper When they are not invited to Carol's cousin's wedding (the planning which is the subplot) and asked to stay out of the way of their older siblings' activities, Bobby and Cindy decide to show how "important" they are ... by setting a world's record for most hours on a seesaw. The two even get newspaper coverage for their attempt, which winds up ill-fated. However, the older Brady siblings realize that attention-craving Bobby (Mike Lookinland) and Cindy (Susan Olsen) indeed have their place in the family and are worthy of respect.
15 January 7, 1972 064 Big Little Man Bobby is self-conscious about his diminutive height. An well-intentioned but ill-advised attempt by his sisters to get Bobby to think he's growing doesn't help matters, but the littlest Brady soon puts his small stature to use when he locks himself and Greg in Sam's meat locker. In the subplot, Greg gets a job at Sam's Butcher Shop to save up for a surfboard in the world.
16 January 14, 1972 066 Dough Re Mi Greg forms a family singing group with his siblings, just as Peter's voice enters puberty. Songs "We Can Make the World a Whole Lot Brighter" and "Time to Change" are featured.
17 January 21, 1972 068 Jan's Aunt Jenny Jan worries about her future appearance when Carol's aunt Jenny - who looked like Jan as a child - comes to visit. In the subplot, Mike fixes an old phonograph discovered after cleaning out the attic (where Aunt Jenny's picture was actually found as well).

18 January 28, 1972 067 The Big Bet Greg comments to a pesky Bobby that he can do twice as many chin-ups as he can. Greg didn't mean anything by it, but Bobby demands his older brother to put up or shut up. Greg tries to brush him off, but when Bobby tells him he's serious, Greg decides to go along with it, with the loser acting as the winner's slave for a week. Greg doesn't take the bet seriously while Bobby does, and Bobby wins. Bobby soon turns into a tyrant, and eventually invites himself along on Greg's date with Rachel. Bobby winds up wrecking the top to Mike's convertible at the drive-in. In the subplot, Carol and Mike attend a high school reunion.

  • Guest Star: Hope Sherwood.
19 February 4, 1972 070 The Power of the Press Peter joins his school newspaper and learns a lesson in flattery when he neglects his studies, does poorly on his science test, and writes a column about his teacher in the hope of improving his grade.
20 February 11, 1972 071 Sergeant Emma When Alice goes away, she invites her identical cousin - a former Army sergeant - to care for the household.

21 February 18, 1972 069 Cindy Brady, Lady When she can't do what her older sisters can, Cindy decides to act more mature than her age. Bobby tries to help out by posing as a secret admirer; when Mike wants to expose him, Bobby asks a friend to reveal himself as the admirer.
22 March 3, 1972 073 My Fair Opponent Marcia makes over Molly Webber, a plain-Jane, when Molly is nominated (as a cruel joke) for hostess of her school's Banquet Night ... and regrets it when she must compete against a now-gorgeous Molly.

23 March 10, 1972 072 The Fender Benders Carol is involved in a minor parking-lot accident. After both parties initially agree to pay for their own damages, the other driver later files a lawsuit against Carol, claiming the accident was the result of her reckless driving and that he was injured as a result.

  • Guest star: Jackie Coogan.
  • Note: This is the last episode where Cindy wears her hair in curls, in Season 4 she switched to pigtails.

Season 4 (1972–1973)Edit

23 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1 Friday, September 22, 1972 073 Hawaii Bound Mike is sent to Hawaii to check on a construction project, and his firm allows him to take his whole family and Alice along. There, Bobby discovers an ancient tiki which seems to bring bad luck ... starting with Greg getting into a serious surfing accident.
  • Guest star: Don Ho.
  • Note: Part 1 of a three-part episode, filmed on location in Hawaii.
2 Friday, September 29, 1972 074 Pass the Tabu The tiki continues to bring bad luck to the family. The boys learn the idol is tabu and must discard it at an ancient burial ground.

  • Note: Part 2 of a three-part episode, filmed on location in Hawaii.
3 Friday, October 6, 1972 075 The Tiki Caves An archaeologist, believing the boys have come to steal his latest "find," holds them captive on the burial grounds. After the girls reveal their siblings' whereabouts, Mike rescues his sons, then convinces the professor that they have no intention of claiming credit for finding the burial grounds. A Hawaiian party wraps up the Bradys' latest vacation.

  • Guest star: Vincent Price.
  • Note: Part 3 of a three-part episode, filmed on location in Hawaii.
4 Friday, October 13, 1972 076 Today, I Am a Freshman Marcia is overly anxious about her freshman year of high school. After she stays home from school with a bout of "new school-itis" (since most of her friends are attending a different school), Mike asks Greg to introduce his sister around school. However, Marcia – still nervous about her freshman year – tells his friends she's looking forward to "the intellectual stimulation" of high school. Later, she decides to join every club at school ... including the Boosters, a club of stuck-up girls who adhere to strict social rules. When Marcia invites the Boosters over for her interview, Peter – who in the subplot had been working on a model volcano – finally manages to get his science project to work.
5 Friday, October 20, 1972 077 Cyrano de Brady Peter has a crush on a pretty classmate named Kerry, but has no idea how to break the ice with her and enlists Greg's help. The end result: Kerry's mistaken conclusion that Greg is the one who wants to go out with her. Greg enlists Marcia's help in convincing Kerry that he is a playboy. However, Peter sees through the ruse and wins Kerry's love as a result.
6 Friday, October 27, 1972 078 Fright Night The boys' and girls' compete to scare each other, then team up to scare Alice. In the subplot Carol makes a sculpture of Mike's head. The stories come together when the boys and girls attempt to scare Alice and cause her to break the sculpture so that the parents (Robert Reed/Florence Henderson) would think it was a real man (Alice)
7 Friday, November 3, 1972 082 The Show Must Go On?? Greg and Marcia each enlist their parents to perform with them in the Westdale High School's talent revue. In the subplot Alice and Sam have a fight and break up but get back together and attend high school talent night together.
8 Friday, November 10, 1972 081 Jan, the Only Child Jan complains about the lack of privacy and personal space, and declares she wants to become an only child. Eventually, her siblings become so annoyed that they grant her wish by ignoring her and staying out of her way. In the subplot the Bradys plan to squaredance at a Hoedown party, while Alice and Carol both compete by making strawberry preserves for the dance.
9 Friday, November 17, 1972 079 Career Fever In this episode about career exploration, Mike mistakenly believes Greg wants to follow in his father's footsteps to become an architect. Also, Peter and Jan want go into the medical profession and borrow large medical encyclopedias from the library. While reading one of the giant volumes, Peter mistakenly concludes that he has contracted a rare disease, thanks to his failing to notice that two pages had become stuck together (he had only developed a rash).
10 Friday, November 24, 1972 084 Goodbye, Alice, Hello A series of misunderstandings leads Alice to believe she has irreparably breached the kids' trust, prompting her resignation. Her replacement is a dull housekeeper who had a similar previous experience as her friend, Alice. Eventually, the kids, with help from that dull housekeeper, track down Alice at a restaurant she now works at and convinces her to return home.

11 Friday, December 8, 1972 087 Greg's Triangle Greg, chairman of his school's cheerleading committee, must decide whether to choose his girlfriend, Jennifer – who has been dating him to cajole him into voting for her – or his sister, Marcia. In the end, Greg chooses a third girl who was the most talented. Marcia is gracious in defeat and acknowledges the other girl was better than her, while Jennifer dumps Greg. In the subplot Carol takes up golf.

12 Friday, December 22, 1972 086 Everyone Can't Be George Washington When Peter is cast as Benedict Arnold in a school play about George Washington, he decides to get himself kicked out.
13 Friday, January 5, 1973 085 Love and the Older Man Marcia develops a crush on the family dentist, and mistakenly concludes that a favor he plans to ask of her is to date him (he had wanted her to baby-sit for his son so he could take his wife out for an evening on the town). In the subplot, Greg, Peter, and Bobby build a motor go cart.
14 Friday, January 12, 1973 080 Law and Disorder Bobby learns about power, discretion and responsibility when he is named safety monitor at his school. In the subplot the Bradys restore an old dilapidated sailboat called the "SS Brady".
15 Friday, January 19, 1973 090 Greg Gets Grounded Mike and Carol prohibit Greg from driving the family car after Bobby described Greg getting into a near accident, leading Greg to borrow a car from a friend to get tickets to a rock concert. When Greg – who interprets the directive as meaning just the family's cars are off limits — borrows a friend's car to get rock concert tickets, Mike and Carol put their foot down and restrict Greg to the house. Greg manages to negotiate his way out of the punishment, insisting that the ambiguity of Mike's punishment left the driving restriction unclear, leading to an "exact words" agreement. Greg eventually misses the rock concert, since he had to take Peter and Bobby (per an earlier agreement) to a frog-jumping contest. The frogs wreak havoc later when Greg takes on-again, off-again girlfriend Rachel to a drive-in movie.

  • Guest star: Hope Sherwood.
16 Friday, January 26, 1973 093 Amateur Nite The kids appear on a television talent show to raise funds for Mike and Carol's anniversary gift. This was the result of Jan's misunderstanding the price for the engraving of a tray the kids had intended to give their parents (it was 85 cents per letter, not for the entire engraving).
17 Friday, February 2, 1973 088 Bobby's Hero When they learn Bobby's hero is Jesse James, Mike and Carol set out to teach him the truth about the outlaw. When books and heavily-edited television movies fail to make an impression, Mike tracks down a relative of one of James' victims to share his story with Bobby. That, plus a nightmare about James killing the Bradys during a train robbery, finally get through to Bobby. In the subplot, Mike is preparing a speech for a work function.
18 Friday, February 9, 1973 091 The Subject Was Noses The classic "Ooh, my nose!" episode. Marcia, wanting to date the school hunk instead of the nice but unspectaular son of a wallpaper salesman, breaks her date. Peter's errantly thrown football causes Marcia's nose to swell and her dream date to unravel. In the subplot, Mike and Carol paint their bedroom with help from the kids.

19 Friday, February 23, 1973 092 How to Succeed in Business? Peter gets his first job as a bicycle repairman. He fails to even finish his first repair job over three days. He unwittingly annoys his boss, Mr. Martinelli, (even accidentally squirting him with oil). Peter is totally unaware that his performance is not even mediocre. He even tells his family he may even be promoted. At the end of his third day at work, his boss fires him for his plodding workrate, but stating that he is a "very nice boy" but he just isn't "mechanically inclined". Mike & Carol misinterpreted Peter's talk of how work was going earlier that day and believe he is indeed being promoted to bike salesman and gives him a party and cake. Peter than suppresses the truth from his family, until Mike and Carol visit the shop to purchase bicycles. At that time Mr. Martinelli tells them that Peter is a nice boy but not cut out for repairing bikes. Mike and Carole then console Peter, telling him his firm has been fired many times by contractors. Then they give him a check from Mr. Martinelli for commission for the two bikes they bought.
20 Friday, March 2, 1973 089 The Great Earring Caper Cindy loses the earrings Carol loaned to Marcia, and enlists budding detective Peter to help search for the missing jewelry before Marcia ... or Carol (who wants them for a costume party, which is the subplot) find out.
21 Friday, March 9, 1973 094 You're Never Too Old The kids set up their maternal great-grandmother and paternal great-grandfather to get together. After some problems the two get married.

22 Friday, March 16, 1973 083 You Can't Win Them All Bobby and Cindy vie for a spot on a children's television quiz show. Cindy earns her spot, and gains a huge ego as a result. In the subplot Mike and Carol plan a dinner party which was originally going to be a barbecue, then Mexican food, then a smorgasbord, changing dates on several occasions. They never did resolve a date for this dinner party.
  • Guest star:: Edward Knight (Christopher Knight's father) as quiz show host Monty Marshall.
  • The name Monty Marshall is a combination name of two popular game show hosts, Monty Hall and Peter Marshall.
23 Friday, March 23, 1973 095 A Room at the Top Greg and Marcia each want to convert the newly cleaned-out attic into their own room.

Season 5 (1973–1974)Edit

22 episodes

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1 September 14, 1973 099 Adios, Johnny Bravo A slick-talking talent scout named Tami Rogers wants sign Greg to a solo recording contract, and totally make him over into a singer named Johnny Bravo. He winds up alienating his siblings (who believe Greg had plans to abandon them) and upsetting his parents when he announces plans to postpone college. Greg's looking forward to solo stardom, but when he discovers his recordings have been electronically "sweetened," he minces no words in expressing his dislike for the end product. Tami and her hipster associate openly admit they liked Greg only because he "fit the suit," prompting Greg to walk out. Two unnamed songs are featured. The first is used as an audition for the fictional show "Hal Barton's TV Talent Review." Prominent lyrics include "you've got to be in love to love a love song." A second song is performed on the show likely titled "Good Time Music."

2 September 21, 1973 097 Mail Order Hero Bobby boasts that he personally knows Joe Namath. When his friends demand he back his words, he enlists Cindy to help arrange his visit ... by writing the New York Jets star and claiming that Bobby is deathly ill. In the subplot Jan studies for a first aid test.
3 September 28, 1973 096 Snow White and the Seven Bradys At Cindy's behest, the Brady family... and Sam... put on a backyard production of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to raise funds for a well-liked teacher's retirement gift. When someone eats the "poisoned apple", Sam and Mike, in costume, must rush out to the grocery store to get more "poisoned apples." Their harried efforts are compounded when they learn they don't have a permit for the family's back yard theater.
4 October 5, 1973 100 Never Too Young After his first kiss, Bobby sees skyrockets. To test it out, he goes and kisses his new girlfriend Millicent (Cindy's friend), not giving her time to warn him that she may have the mumps. In the subplot the Bradys plan to perform at a 20's revival dance.

5 October 12, 1973 101 Peter and the Wolf Greg's date, Sandra, cancels when her cousin Linda visits from out of town. Wanting to salvage the date, Greg arranges for a double date, but when no one wants to pair up with Linda (who was wearing braces the last time Sandra saw her cousin), he turns to Peter. Passing him off as a "friend" in his high school class, the girls eventually suspect Greg's ruse but don't let on. Sandra and Linda later hatch a get-even plan at a local pizza parlor, where in the subplot Mike and Carol - on Jan's and Marcia's recommendation of great pizza - are entertaining a Mexican client and his wife. Sandra and Linda's shenanigans inadvertently cause Mike to nearly lose his client's contract.
6 October 19, 1973 102 Getting Greg's Goat Greg is involved in the heist of a rival school's mascot ... a goat named Raquel. Not only does Raquel lead to a series of misunderstandings (most notably Mike's that Greg had slept with a girl in his room), but the goat also wreaks havoc throughout the household. Eventually, Greg is caught red-handed and ordered by the school's vice principal to write a 5,000-word essay on mascot stealing.

7 October 26, 1973 105 Marcia Gets Creamed Marcia, Peter and Jan all get jobs at the local ice cream shop, with varying results. Marcia's hired first, then the manager wants to take a break, so he puts Marcia in charge and hires Peter. Peter goofs off, prompting Marcia to fire him and hire a replacement - Jan, who's the opposite of Peter. When the manager realizes he needs to stay at the shop, he has to fire one Brady... and keep the one who works the hardest. In the subplot, Mike is put on a diet to lose weight he had gained and to help Alice stick to her diet.

8 November 2, 1973 106 My Brother's Keeper Bobby saves Peter from being struck by a falling ladder. A grateful Peter, offering to become Bobby's "slave for life," soon regrets his offer. In the subplot the girls' bedroom is being wallpapered.
9 November 9, 1973 104 Quarterback Sneak A rival high school quarterback named Jerry Rogers feigns interest in Marcia, as part of a ploy to get at the Westdale High School football team's playbook. Greg tries to warn Marcia about her new boyfriend, and Bobby backs his story when he sees Jerry try to steal the book. Later, Greg devises a fake playbook and convinces Marcia to invite Jerry over. This time, Marcia finds out Jerry's true intentions and immediately breaks up with him. Later, Greg and his brothers are laughing about how they've fooled Jerry, but Mike tells Greg that what he did was just as dishonest as his rival. Greg tries to let Jerry off the hook, but Jerry is convinced that he has the real playbook. In the end, Jerry's coach finds out about the theft and suspends him. In the subplot, Carol is visited by her egomaniacal high school sweetheart, Tank Gates.

10 November 16, 1973 107 Try, Try Again When she finds she simply has no talent as a dancer, Jan tries – sometimes, too hard – to find something she is good at. Eventually, Jan finds her niche as a painter. In the subplot, Mike is preparing a special dinner for the family.
11 November 23, 1973 103 The Cincinnati Kids The Bradys travel to Kings Island amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Mike's company hopes to win the contract to build an addition. The hopes are mislaid when Jan unknowingly walks off with the plans, leaving Mike with her poster of Yogi Bear. The family furiously scrambles to retrace their steps and rush the plans to Mike and his clients before the 5 p.m. deadline.
  • Note: Filmed on location at the Kings Island amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio.
12 December 7, 1973 098 The Elopement Everyone is convinced that Alice and Sam plan to elope during a weekend outing. In the subplot, Bobby takes up learning to play the organ. In the end Alice does not elope.
13 December 21, 1973 110 Miss Popularity To win the title of her school's Most Popular Girl competition, Jan makes a host of promises to her friends. When she wins the competition, she fails to make good on the promises and becomes an insufferable snob. In the subplot, Mike is having trouble planning a vacation for him and Carol.
14 January 4, 1974 108 Kelly's Kids A couple who is friends with Mike and Carol plan to adopt a young boy (Todd Lookinland) from a local orphanage ... and wind up adopting the youngster's two friends – an African American (Billy "Pop" Attmore) and an Asian (Carey Wong) – as well, much to the chagrin of the new family's bigoted neighbor.
  • Guest stars: Ken Berry, Brooke Bundy, Molly Dodd
  • Note: This was a backdoor pilot for a new series, but it did not sell. However, this concept would become Together We Stand in 1986.
  • This is the last time Cindy wears her hair in pigtails. She had already let her hair down in "Miss Popularity", but it was produced later that the episode.
15 January 11, 1974 109 The Driver's Seat After a nervous non-start at her first driver's examination, Marcia gets her license on a second try, and is soon engaged in a debate with Greg over which gender has the better driving abilities. In the subplot, Jan is preparing for a debate for the debating team.
16 January 18, 1974 111 Out of This World Peter and Bobby, the night after meeting astronaut James McDivitt, become convinced they've seen a UFO in the backyard, but it's only Greg playing a practical joke on his gullible brothers. However, when the boys get photographic proof of the "UFO," Mike decides to call in an Army captain to investigate. Greg is forced to admit the truth.
17 January 25, 1974 113 Welcome Aboard Cousin Oliver comes to live with the Bradys while his parents go to South America, and nearly wears out his welcome when he is involved in a series of minor accidents in his eagerness to help out. The Bradys seem to gain good-natured revenge on rotten luck when they visit a movie studio.
18 February 8, 1974 112 Two Petes in a Pod Pete meets his exact double at school after making a date with a girl. When Arthur, the double, makes a date for Peter while masquerading, Peter must enlist Arthur's help to avoid breaking either date.

19 February 15, 1974 117 Top Secret Bobby and Oliver jump to all sorts of conclusions when Mike is visited by an FBI agent, and subsequently is asked to help Sam with a "top secret" project to expand his store.
20 February 22, 1974 115 The Snooperstar To teach Cindy a lesson in reading her diary without permission, Marcia (with some help from Jan) creates fake entries about how a Hollywood agent plans to discover Cindy and make her over into the next Shirley Temple. Cindy becomes convinced that Mike's fussy client is the talent scout.
21 March 1, 1974 116 The Hustler The Bradys get a pool table as a "thank you" gift from Mike's boss, and Bobby quickly becomes a billiards expert. In the subplot Mike and Carol have a dinner party and play pool on their new pool table and return it at the end of the party.

22 March 8, 1974 118 The Hair-Brained Scheme Bobby sells Greg a container of hair pomade that turns the oldest Brady brother's hair into a Bowie-esque  tangerine-colored mane on the eve of his high school commencement. * Absent:Robert Reed (due to disputes over the script. He had taken issue with the plotline involving a container of hairdressing, which he thought was inane slapstick, and was written out as a result.) Note: Cameos in this episode are by Florence Henderson's and Sherwood Schwartz's real-life daughters, Barbara Bernstein and [[Hope Sherwood.

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