Is There A Doctor In the House?
Season 1, Episode # 13
Number (#13) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Marion Ross
Herbert Anderson
Production code: 010
Writer(s) Ruth Brooks Flippen
Director Oscar Rudolph
Original airdate December 26, 1969
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Is There A Doctor In the House? is the thirteenth episode of The Brady Bunch TV series, and also the thirteenth overall episode in the series. Written by John Fenton Murray and directed by Oscar Rudolph, the episode premiered on ABC-TV, airing on December 26, 1969.


All six children have the measles. Carol calls the girls' usual doctor, a woman (Marion Ross), while Mike has called the boys' doctor: a man (Herbert Anderson). The girls prefer their usual doctor, and the boys prefer their doctor. They come to the conclusion that they can use both doctors, and it turns out that both doctors have decided to combine their practices.


When Peter comes home from school in the middle of the day with a case of the measles, Carol naturally tries to call in the family pediatrician, Dr. Porter. When she can't get through to the pediatrician's office, Mike tries to call the pediatrician's office himself. However, what Mike and Carol do not realize is that Dr. Porter is the girls' pediatrician, and Mike tries to call the boys' pediatrician, Dr. Cameron. So it's a case of one doctor too many when both Dr. Porter and Dr. Cameron come to the house.

What's more disconcerting for Peter is that Dr. Porter is a woman. When the other five kids come home each with the measles, Mike and Carol not only have an issue in catering to the bedridden kids' every whim, but they have to decide which of Drs. Porter and Cameron will be the family pediatrician. Each of the six kids want to see their own doctor, and not the other. Although Mike and Carol do ultimately come to a decision after much discussion and argument, that decision is fostered by a decision made by Drs. Porter and Cameron themselves.

Guest starring

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