This trilogy consists of the first three season 4 episodes - Hawaii Bound, Pass the Tabu, and The Tiki Caves. Mike's family is invited to Hawaii when his company sends him there to check on a building he designed that is being constructed. They begin to have a good vacation at first, but then Bobby finds a tiki doll on the construction site, and he thinks it means good luck, while it really means bad luck. Bobby then gives Greg the tiki for good luck in a surfing contest. While Greg is surfing, he falls in the water and is nowhere to be found. Then eventually, his family finds him and he is fine. While the women are walking to a hula dance lesson, Alice finds the tiki doll and assumes Bobby must have dropped it, so she takes it with her. During the hula lesson, Alice pops her back and freezes, and Carol, Marcia, Jan, and Cindy help her to the hotel room. While Bobby is wearing the tiki, a heavy wall ornament almost crushes him. While Jan has it, a tarantula spider gets into her purse, but she does not notice. And then Peter wears it that night to sleep, and the spider returns and crawls onto him. He then screams, and Mike puts it in a paper bag and throws it away. The next day, the boys start to realize that the tiki causes bad luck, not good luck. They then go to a wise old man, and he tells them that they have to go to a cave to remove the bad luck. They do go the cave, and they then get trapped by a mean, old arachaeologist (Vincent Price). The family comes to save them though, and they all go back home.


  • This trilogy has the only episodes that show Jan and Marcia in their bikinis.
  • Jan is shown to have a blue bikini, an orange bikini, and a pink bikini.
  • Marcia is shown to have a purple bikini.
  • Ironically, Maureen McCormick (Marcia) was extremely afraid of having to appear in a bikini (she felt inferior to Eve Plumb), and during the beach scenes, she almost always attempted to cover herself even more.
  • The infamous tiki is today in possession of Barry Williams, who found it circa 2000 in a Paramount prop room while producing a TV movie based on his book "Growing Up Brady".

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