Try, Try Again
Season 5, Episode # 10
Number (#105) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Judy Landon
Ruth Anson
Darryl Seamen
Production code: 107
Writer(s) Larry Rhine & Al Schwartz
Director George Tyne
Original airdate November 16, 1973
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"Quarterback Sneak"
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"The Cincinnati Kids"

Try, Try Again was the 10th episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 105th overall episode in the series. Written by Larry Rhine and Al Schwartz, the episode, which was directed by George Tyne, originally aired on ABC-TV on November 16, 1973.


Jan considers herself a loser when her latest interest, tap dancing, drives the whole family crazy. She drops out of her ballet class and takes up tap dancing when she is passed over for a recital because she is so clumsy. She practices her new dance steps at home, and the noise begins to get to the rest of the family.


When she finds she simply has no talent as a ballet dancer, Jan tries to find something she is good at. She tries tap dancing and acting, but fails at both. However, while "acting" as a painter, one of Jan's teachers (Judy Landon) realizes her artistic talent, and Jan finds her niche as a painter. Meanwhile Mike cooks the family a gourmet dinner in the subplot.


After Marcia and Cindy are chosen to participate in their class' ballet recital but Jan isn't, a dejected Jan decides to quit ballet altogether, realizing that she doesn't have the aptitude for it. Carol suggests she try other activities such as other forms of dance as Jan is sure to find one she both likes and is good at. But activity after activity seems ultimately to fail for Jan.

Greg comes up with a plan to cheer Jan up, not really realizing that his plan only masks the problem of Jan really needing to find something at which she's good. As Jan tries harder and harder to find that perfect activity, she may unwittingly stumble onto her real talent. Meanwhile, Mike is preparing a gourmet dinner whose menu is top secret. Carol and Alice are dying to find out what's on the menu. Mike may have one major flaw with his dinner which is no fault of his cooking skill.

Recurring cast/Guest stars

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