Top Secret
Season 5, Episode # 19
Number (#114) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series: The Brady Bunch
Guest star(s) Robbie Rist
Allan Melvin
Lew Palter
Don Fenwick
Production code: 116
Writer(s) Howard Ostroff
Director Bernard Wiesen
Original airdate February 15, 1974
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"Two Petes in a Pod"
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"The Snooperstar"

Top Secret was the 19th episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 114th overall episode in the series. Written by Howard Ostroff, the episode, which was directed by Bernard Wiesen, originally aired on ABC-TV on February 15, 1974.


Bobby and Oliver, aided by their youthful imaginations, become convinced that they are onto a spy plot that involves Mike.

An FBI agent is checking Mike's security clearance and so the boys get the idea that Mike is working on some secret plans. Sam, the butcher, asks Mike's help with a confidential project, and Bobby is sure that Sam is passing the "secret plans" to the Russians.


Bobby and Oliver (Robbie Rist) jump to all sorts of conclusions when Mike is visited by Fred Sanders (Don Fenwick) an FBI agent (to get security clearances for a government project), and subsequently is asked to help Sam with a "top secret" project to expand his store. The boys believe Sam is passing information to the Russians when they see him conferring with his landlord, Mr. Gronsky (Lew Palter), about the project, and lock Sam and Gronsky in the meat locker. Mike is able to free the two and everything is cleared up. Meanwhile Sam's request of Mike to draw plans for a "top secret" project lead Alice, Carol, Marcia, Jan and Cindy to assume that he is about to ask Alice to marry him, and that Mike is designing a home for them.

  • Note: This is Allan Melvin's final appearance as Sam Franklin.


Bobby and Oliver are at home when FBI agent Fred Sanders stops by the house to speak to Mike. What the boys don't know is that Mr. Sanders' routine and mundane task is to confirm a few issues with Mike's clearance for him to work on a building for a classified government project. Later, Sam stops by the house wanting to discuss a private issue with Mike, which Sam says he will divulge to Alice and the rest of the family at the proper time. Unlike what Alice hopes it is (such as a honeymoon cottage), the issue is Sam wanting to enlarge the butcher shop and needing some rough plans from Mike to see if it is financially possible.

Because of the secretive nature of Sam's visit, Bobby and Oliver think it has something to do with Mr. Sanders' visit. After Sam tells Bobby and Oliver some wild tales of sleuthing and spying while he was in the army, Bobby and Oliver believe Sam is a spy working with Mike. Overhearing another story between Sam and his landlord, Mr. Gronsky, Bobby and Oliver further believe that Sam not only is a spy, but a double agent who is planning on handing over Mike's top secret "plans" to the enemy, Mr. Gronsky. Not being able to locate Mike to warn him, Bobby and Oliver decide to take matters into their own hands for the safety and security of the country.

Recurring cast/Guest stars

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