The Hair-Brained Scheme
Season 5, Episode # 22
Number (#117) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series: The Brady Bunch
Guest star(s) Robbie Rist
Barbara Bernstein
Hope Juber
Bern Hoffman
John Wheeler
Jason Dunn
Brandy Carson
Production code: 117
Writer(s) Charles Stewart
Director Jack Arnold
Original airdate March 8, 1974
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The Hair-Brained Scheme is the 22nd episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, and also the 117th overall episode in, and final episode of the entire series. Written by Charles Stewart and directed by Jack Arnold, the episode originally aired on ABC-TV on March 8, 1974.

Robert Reed disliked the plot and wrote a memo to Sherwood Schwartz about it, so he was written out of the last episode.


Bobby and Cindy attempt to become business entrepreneurs by selling hair tonic and rabbits, respectively. Greg buys a bottle of tonic right before graduation to help his little brother, but it turns his hair orange.


In the final episode of the series, Bobby is convinced he can get rich by selling Neat & Natural Hair Tonic. Bobby sells Greg a container which turns Greg's hair bright orange on the eve of his high school Graduation commencement. Greg is forced to go to the beauty parlor to turn his hair back to normal before going to graduation.


The youngest two Brady kids set out to become rich quick - by selling hair tonic (Bobby), and raising rabbits and selling the babies (Cindy), but the plans backfire on both of them. Bobby is able to sell only one bottle - to his oldest brother Greg, who's about to graduate from high school. Unfortunately for Greg, that's one customer too many - the questionable styling aid turns his hair a shaggy David-Bowie-esque tangerine shade just prior to graduation ceremony. And as it turns out, the company that Bobby sold the tonic for had only recently been closed down by FDA. With the high school graduation only hours away, what will Greg do to get his hair back to normal?

Meanwhile, Cindy tries breeding two rabbits whom she names Romeo and Juliet, but unfortunately, she later learns that they are both male and thus can't have babies, and the pet shop owner she bought them from refuses to buy them back as he already has too many of them.

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