The Elopement
Season 5, Episode # 12
Number (#107) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Allan Melvin
Byron Webster
Bella Bruck
Production code: 098
Writer(s) Harry Winkler
Director Jerry London
Original airdate December 7, 1973
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The Elopement was the 12th episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 107th overall episode in the series. Written by Harry Winkler, the episode, which was directed by Jerry London, originally aired on ABC-TV on December 7, 1973.


A series of misunderstandings lead the Bradys to believe that Alice and Sam are getting married when they are really going out to bowl and then going to Sam's cousin Claria's wedding.

  • Note: At the end of the episode Alice announces to Carol and Mike that she and Sam are engaged. There is no subsequent mention of a wedding in the series.


When Jan and Marcia overhear Alice and Sam discussing elopement, they mistakenly believe they plan to elope. The family prepares a wedding reception, while Carol begins interviewing a replacement housekeeper for Alice's honeymoon. Sam (Allan Melvin) and Alice were actually discussing a cousin's elopement, and reveal the misunderstanding at the reception. In the subplot, Bobby is trying to learn to play the organ on an old portable.


In the beginnin, Marcia and Jan are walking home from school, until they hear a terrible organ sound. They found out that Bobby is playing the organ. The girls make fun of Bobbys playing then they walk in the house. In the kitchen Alice is speaking to Sam on the telephone about their plans for the weekend, those plans which include a mixed doubles bowling semi-final match on Saturday night, and both standing up for Sam's cousin Clara and her fiancé at their elopement on Sunday, about which they don't want anyone to know. Marcia and Jan overhear the conversation, and assume that the people eloping are Alice and Sam. This secret news spreads through the Brady house, with subsequent further misunderstandings strengthening the family's belief that Alice and Sam are tying the knot.

They want to support Alice as much as they can on what should be the happiest day of her life, without letting her know that they know until she tells them. So when Alice and Sam have an argument that affects their Saturday night date - the time when the family thinks they are supposed to elope - the family does whatever it can to make sure that Alice and Sam keep their Saturday night date "for better or worse".

Recurring cast/Guest stars

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