The Driver's Seat
Season 5, Episode # 15
Number (#110) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series: The Brady Bunch
Guest star(s) Herb Vigran
Production code: 109
Writer(s) George Tibbles
Director Jack Arnold
Original airdate January 11, 1974
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The Driver's Seat was the 15th episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 110th overall episode in the series. Written by George Tibbles, the episode, which was directed by Jack Arnold, originally aired on ABC-TV on January 11, 1974.

This is the first produced episode where Cindy starts wearing her hair loose like her older sisters and has braces. This also marks the first appearance of Cindy's doll "Kitty Karry-All" since Season 3 episode "Cindy Brady, Lady".


Marcia bets that she can beat Greg's score on the driver's test. Greg's comment about men being better drivers than women set up their bet. Marcia scores higher on her written test but tightens up when she gets behind the wheel of a car.


Marcia battles nerves and Greg's sexist remarks when she tries to get her driver's license. Eventually, the debate over which gender has the better driving abilities leads to a winner-take-all driving test in a vacant parking lot.


After a nervous non-start at her first driver's examination, Marcia gets her license on her second try, and is soon engaged in a debate with Greg over which gender has the better driving abilities. To put their argument to rest, Mike creates a driving course for them both to run. Greg gets over-anxious and loses to Marcia. In the end, Bobby and Cindy attempt to make a similar contest in bike-riding, but after seeing Greg suffering, Bobby backs out of it. In the subplot, Jan is preparing for a crucial debate on her debate team. Nervous about presenting in front of people, Mike gives her the advice to picture them in their underwear.

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