Out of This World
Season 5, Episode # 16
Number (#111) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series: The Brady Bunch
Guest star(s) Jim McDivitt
Mario Machado
James Flavin
Frank Delfino
Sadie Delfino
Production code: 111
Writer(s) Larry Rhine & Al Schwartz
Director Peter Baldwin
Original airdate January 18, 1974
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"The Driver's Seat"
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"Welcome Aboard"

Out of This World was the 16th episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 111th overall episode in the series. Written by Larry Rhine and Al Schwartz, the episode, which was directed by Peter Baldwin, originally aired on ABC-TV on January 18, 1974.

Former astronaut James McDivitt, the man who saw a UFO in space, guest stars.


Bobby and Peter camp out in the backyard looking for UFO's. After they meet General McDivitt, the boys are convinced that they have spotted one and go back the next night with cameras to prove it.


After seeing retired astronaut Brigadier General Jim McDivitt speak about a UFO he saw while on a space mission, Peter and Bobby have UFO on the brain. That night, they believe they see a UFO in the sky. Without other witnesses, others are either uncertain or are skeptical as to Peter and Bobby's assertion. Peter and Bobby feel they need proof, and want to sleep outside in the back yard and take photographs if and when the UFO shows up again. Lo and behold, what Peter and Bobby saw the previous night comes back and they are able to take photographs of it. After the photographs are developed, Mike and Carol are still uncertain about what is on the photos, so Mike decides to call in the air force for their expert opinion. The visit of the air force's investigating Captain McCartney, who doesn't believe in UFOs, indirectly makes Peter and Bobby's UFO appear again, but it with a more down to earth explanation.

Recurring cast/Guest stars

Note: Frank Delfino had previously been the stand-in for Christopher Knight and Mike Lookinland, while Sadie Delfino was the stand-in for Eve Plumb and Susan Olsen, before the kids outgrew them.

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