Miss Popularity
Season 5, Episode # 13
Number (#108) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series: The Brady Bunch
Guest star(s) Darryl Seman
Jere Fields
Production code: 110
Writer(s) Martin Ragaway
Director Jack Donohue
Original airdate December 21, 1973
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"The Elopement"
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Miss Popularity was the 13th episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 108th overall episode in the series. Written by Martin Ragaway, the episode, which was directed by Jack Donohue, originally aired on ABC-TV on December 21, 1973.

This is the first aired episode where Cindy starts wearing her hair down like her older sisters (most likely at Susan Olsen's insistence) and has braces. The first produced episode, where Cindy had a new look, was "The Driver's Seat" - 2 episodes later.


Jan has been nominated for the "Most Popular Girl" competition, and makes a bunch of promises to her friends that she can't possibly keep. When Jan wins, she becomes better-than-thou, angering her classmates (who want her to make good on her promises).


Jan makes promises she can't keep in order to win a popularity contest at school and gets herself in hot water with family and friends.

Peter agrees to be her campaign manager and the members of the family pitch in when Jan is nominated as the most popular girl in class. She promises all kinds of help to her classmates if they elect her, but she can't fulfill her campaign promises.


An honored Jan has been nominated for most popular girl of her class, but doesn't expect to win against the "brainy, beautiful and built" Kathy Williams. She and her entire family are nonetheless excited at the news. To win, Marcia suggests she campaign, which she does with help from her family. While her family makes and distributes campaign materials, Jan promises anything to voters when asked, including the help of others without even asking them. The campaigning works as Jan wins, but her promises go by the wayside as the election is now over, as she no longer needs votes and as she achieved her only goal of winning.

As such, Jan goes from being most popular girl to being least popular girl, which she doesn't realize as the election win in and of itself is the validation from her peers that she needs that she is the most fantastic girl in her class. Is there any way this turn in her popularity will sink into her head, and if so can Jan redeem herself to her classmates and siblings before an impeachment? Meanwhile, Mike is taking Carol on a long talked about extended weekend getaway to the beach as a second honeymoon. But plan after plan is sidetracked to what ends up being a totally different experience for that weekend.

Recurring cast/Guest stars

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