How to Succeed in Business?
Season 4, Episode # 19
Number (#91) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Jay Novello
Production code: 092
Writer(s) Gene Thompson
Director Robert Reed
Original airdate February 23, 1973
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"The Subject Was Noses"
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How to Succeed in Business was the 19th episode of Season 4 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 91st overall episode in the series. Written by Gene Thompson, the episode, which was directed by Robert Reed, originally aired on ABC-TV on February 23, 1973.


Peter gets his first job as a bicycle mechanic. His painfully slow process repairing a bbicycle irritates his boss, Mr. Martinelli (Jay Novello). Martinelli fires him for his plodding pace; he explains that Peter is "very nice" but just not "mechanically inclined". Peter keeps the truth from his family and takes refuge in the park until Carol and Mike visit the shop to purchase bicycles. They console Peter; Mike explains that he has lost jobs.


An elated Peter has just been offered his first job, working for Mr. Martinelli at the bike shop on weekends. As it's his first job, Mike advises him to be prompt, hard working and loyal. Peter ends up selling his parents on the idea of getting bikes for themselves, and he is a diligent worker. However, he is not a "business" oriented worker, as he is slow in getting the jobs done, and does maintenance that doesn't need to be done nor was requested. And Peter doesn't pick up on Mr. Martinelli's hints to get the job done quicker. As such, Mr. Martinelli has no choice but to fire him. Mr. Martinelli tells Peter that he'd like to have a chat with him at the end of the working day. Peter interprets the want for a chat as a probable promotion, which he tells Carol and Alice. So when the news is the exact opposite, Peter is crushed. But when the family throws him a surprise "congratulations on the promotion" party, Peter has to decide how to give them the news while saving face.

Guest starring/Recurring cast


Peter is established to be 14 in this episode.

Peter's first job was a bicycle mechanic, he later would get a job at Mr. Haskell's Ice Cream Parlor, then in the Leaning Tower of Pizza, both in the episode Marcia Gets Creamed. Greg's first job was at Mike's architectural firm, Marcia's and Jan's at Mr. Haskell's, and Bobby's in Sam's Butcher Shop.

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