Getting Greg's Goat
Season 5, Episode # 6
Number (#101) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) George D. Wallace
Sandra Gould
Margarita Cordova
Selma Archerd
Production code: 102
Writer(s) Tam Spiva
Director Leslie H. Martinson
Original airdate October 19, 1973
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"Peter and the Wolf"
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Getting Greg's Goat was the sixth episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 101st overall episode in the series. Written by Sam Locke and Milton Pascal, the episode, which was directed by Robert Reed, originally aired on ABC-TV on October 19, 1973.


Greg and his football teammates steal the rival school's mascot, a goat, and he has to hide it. Greg hides "Raquel", the goat, in his attic room and when the other kids overhear him talking to her, they believe that he has a girl in his room.


Greg is involved in the heist of a rival school's mascot (a goat named Raquel) in retaliation for the stealing of Westdale's mascot (a bear cub). Greg hides Raquel in his attic room, but this leads to a series of misunderstandings (most notably Mike thinking that Greg is keeping a girl in his room). Mike finds out about Raquel and suggests to Greg to set up a secret exchange of mascots with the other school. A last minute P.T.A. meeting at the Brady house ruins their plans, and they must hide Raquel from the group. They are eventually caught, and Greg's vice principal Mr. Binkley orders Greg to write a 5,000-word report on mascot stealing.


A big football game between Westdale High and Coolidge High is happening in 24 hours. But as big a rivalry between the two team occurs off the field when Coolidge steals Westdale's mascot, a bear cub. In retaliation, Westdale steals Coolidge's mascot, a nanny goat named Raquel. Greg is tasked with hiding Raquel at least until after the game, which he tries to do in his bedroom.

Keeping Raquel a secret in the house may be a difficult task. Greg thinks he may have a sympathetic person in the house in the form of Mike, who also pulled such a prank when he was in high school, but who was suspended at the time for doing so. Someone not sympathetic is Carol, who, with some of the other mothers and the boys' stern vice-principal Mr. Binkley, hold an emergency PTA meeting to decide what form of punishment is just once the mascot stealing culprits are found out. When the PTA at the last minute changes its meeting venue to the Brady house, Greg's task changes to trying to get Raquel out of the house from under their noses.

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