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"Double Parked"
Season 2, Episode # 22
Number (#47) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Carolyn Stellar
Jackie Coogan
Jack Collins
Production code: 047
Writer(s) Skip Webster
Director Jack Arnold
Original airdate March 5, 1971
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IMDB Double Parked
Episode chronology
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"Lights Out"
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"Alice's September Song"

Double Parked was the 22nd episode of Season 2 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 46th overall episode in the series. Written by Skip Webster, and directed by Jack Arnold, the episode premiered on ABC-TV, airing on March 5, 1971.


The Bradys learn that their favorite neighborhood park has been condemned, to make way for a new courthouse. Imagine their surprise when Mike is the architect for the courthouse.


Carol leads the family in campaigning against city hall to save their neighborhood park. However, battle lines are drawn when the park may be the site of a new courthouse Mike is designing. The Bradys argue over the fate of the park. When Mike's boss Ed Phillips (Jack Collins) confronts him, he saves the day when his design moves the courthouse to a new site.


The kids find out that their local city park, Woodland Park, is being demolished and a government building is planned for construction on that site. The family and the neighbors mount a save Woodland Park campaign. There are a few obstacle and hurdles, but a big one comes in the form of Mike's new project. The architectural firm for which he works has won the contract for that building - a municipal courthouse - and Mike is assigned the lead architect. Mike encourages his family to continue the save the park campaign, but they have to understand that he too has to continue doing his job. But when Harry Phillips, Mike's boss, learns that the Brady family is behind the save the park campaign, he gives Mike an ultimatum: control his family or lose his job. Mike has to figure out what to do.

Guest starring/Recurring cast

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