Cyrano de Brady
Season 4, Episode # 5
Number (#77) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Kym Karath
Production code: 077
Writer(s) Skip Webster
Director Hal Cooper
Original airdate October 20, 1972
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"Today, I Am a Freshman"
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"Fright Night"

Cyrano de Brady was the fifth episode of Season 4 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 77th overall episode in the series. Written by Skip Webster, the episode, which was directed by Hal Cooper, originally aired on ABC-TV on October 20, 1972.


Peter wants desperately to break the ice with his pretty classmate, Kerry, but nerves get in the way every time. So, he asks Greg to act as his Cyrano. Only thing is, Kerry mistakenly concludes that Greg is the one afflicted with shyness. Greg - who is four years older than Kerry - gets Marcia to make Kerry think that he is a playboy.


Peter is smitten when Jan brings home her pretty classmate Kerry Hathaway (Kym Karath). Peter is shy with Kerry, so he enlists Greg to help with what to say to Kerry. Kerry mistakenly concludes that Greg is the one interested in her, which causes friction between Greg and Peter. To make it up to Peter, Greg enlists Marcia's help in a play-act to convince Kerry that he is an aggressive, womanizing playboy so she will lose interest in him. Peter arrives home and, unaware of the plan, tells Kerry that "Debbie" (Marcia) is their sister, and that it was an act. Peter's honesty wins Kerry's love.


Peter falls head over heels in love with Jan's new classmate and friend, Kerry Hathaway. It takes all of Peter's efforts just for Kerry to remember which Brady brother he is. And once she does remember who he is, Peter is completely tongue tied around her. Everything he tries to woo her results in disaster. Not knowing the words to use, Peter asks Greg if he would consider being his Cyrano de Bergerac by standing behind the bushes at Kerry's house feeding Peter with the words he should say to Kerry.

The words do impress Kerry, but she ends up falling for the one who thought of the words - Greg - as she sees him behind the bushes. To get Kerry with Peter, Greg concocts a plan for Jan to tell Kerry what a cad he is while extolling Peter's virtues. When that plan doesn't work, Greg, without telling Peter, moves to Plan B: he tries to show Kerry that he's a cad, which requires an in disguise Marcia to play Greg's jilted ex. With so many lies involved, can this latest plan get the end result they want or will the lies fall apart?

Guest starring/Recurring cast

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