Season 3, Episode # 11
Number (#60) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Elvera Roussel
Bert LaRue
Production code: 061
Writer(s) Alfred Lewis Levitt & Helen Slote Levitt (as Tom & Helen August)
Director Oscar Rudolph
Original airdate November 26, 1971
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IMDB Click
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"Her Sister's Shadow"
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""Getting Davy Jones""

Click is the 11th episode of Season 3 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, and the 60th overall episode in the series. Written by Alfred Lewis Levitt and Helen Slote Levitt, the episode, which was directed by Oscar Rudolph, the episode originally aired on November 26, 1971


Greg becomes a member of the Westdale High School football team. Mike supports the idea, but Carol fears Greg will get hurt. Greg is indeed injured in a scrimmage so he turns to photography. Greg realizes his importance when he snaps a photo of a bad call on the field. Bobby also takes up photography for the subplot.


Despite Carol's concern he might be seriously injured, Greg earns a spot on the varsity football team. His mother's fears become founded when he bruises his ribs during a scrimmage, so - after dealing with self-pity - tries to see how he can incorporate his photography hobby into the game.


Greg is nervous to tell his mother that he made the school football team. He is right to be nervous as Carol reacts exactly the way he thought she would: she forbids him to play for fear that he will get seriously injured. Greg and Mike are eventually able to convince her to let Greg play, even though she still reserves the right to be worried. It ends up being an even more exciting venture for Greg when he learns he has made first string, at least for the first practice game. One of the other perks for Greg is that he can get up close and personal with the cheerleaders, Linette Carter the one in who he is most interested. He indulges his interest in photography by taking photos of her practicing her cheers. In this regard, he acts as unofficial mentor for aspiring photographer, Bobby, who he tells that candid shots usually turn out better.

Back with football, Greg ends up getting injured during the practice game, he having a hairline fractured rib. As such, both Carol and Mike forbid him to play at least until he is out of any medical danger. Greg ends up feeling sorry for himself in losing all the glory he saw as being first string, including possibly losing Linette as a girlfriend. Greg will learn that he doesn't have to be on the field either to attract a girl like Linette, or to make a valuable contribution to the team. Bobby also learns that there may be some practical good to his candid photographs, his subjects who usually didn't appreciate his efforts.

Guest starring/Recurring cast

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