Big Little Man
Season 3, Episode # 15
Number (#64) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Allan Melvin
Production code: 063
Writer(s) Skip Webster
Director Robert Reed
Original airdate 7 January 1972
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"The Teeter-Totter Caper"
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"Dough Re Mi"

Big Little Man is the fifteenth episode of Season 3 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, and the 64th overall episode in the series. Written by Skip Webster, the episode, which was directed by Robert Reed, originally aired on 7 January 1972.


Bobby is self-conscious about his diminutive height. Greg, in the subplot, gets a job at Sam's butcher shop to save for a surfboard. The girls' attempts to convince Bobby he is growing do not help, but Bobby learns the value of being small when he locks himself and Greg in Sam's meat locker.


Bobby becomes self-conscious when he's the shortest one in the family, and becomes convinced he's going to remain height-challenged all his life. Following an ill-advised attempt by his sisters to encourage Bobby (they make him think he's grown 1 1/2 inches by doing stretch exercises) and then trying to flaunt his know-it-all genius, he has a chance to save Greg when they become locked in the meat freezer at Sam's Butcher Shop.


Bobby develops a Napoleon complex, especially after Greg has to save him from a situation caused in part because he ended up doing something he wasn't supposed to since he was too small to handle the job. Bobby does whatever he can to grow, like doing body lengthening exercises, or conversely follow his mother's advice by developing a more important aspect of his self, namely his intellect. But neither of these seems to help at least with Bobby's lack of self esteem. But when Greg and Bobby get in another jam at Sam's butcher shop where Greg has been working part time, Bobby may come to the realization that being small does have its advantages.

Guest starring/Recurring cast

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