Adios, Johnny Bravo
Season 5, Episode # 1
Number (#96) in series (117 episodes)
Network: ABC-TV
TV series:
Guest star(s) Claudia Jennings
Paul Cavonis
Jeff Davis
Production code: 099
Writer(s) Joanna Lee
Director Jerry London
Original airdate September 14, 1973
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Episode chronology
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"A Room at the Top"
(Season 4 finale)
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"Mail Order Hero"

Adios, Johnny Bravo was the season premiere episode of Season 5 of the The Brady Bunch TV series, also the 96th overall episode in the series. Written by Joanna Lee, the episode, which was directed by Jerry London, originally aired on ABC-TV on September 14, 1973.


A talent agent signs Greg to become a rock star named "Johnny Bravo." Greg lets his new fame get to his head, until he discovers that he was only signed because he "fit the suit."


After the Brady kids perform a song together, slick-talking talent scout Tami Cutler (Claudia Jennings) wants to sign Greg to a solo recording contract and make him over into a singer named Johnny Bravo. Greg alienates his siblings in pursuing this, and upsets his parents when he announces plans to postpone college. Greg anticipates solo stardom, but when he discovers his recordings have been electronically "sweetened", confronts Tami. Tami and her associate admit they liked Greg only because he "fit the suit", prompting Greg to walk out.


Singing, the kids audition and are accepted for a spot on Hal Barton's talent review television show. They are even more excited following the audition about being approached by the young and hip Tami Cutler, a talent agent, who implies that she wants to represent them. She and her business partner Buddy Berkman eventually meet solely with Greg because they aren't interested in representing the entire group, but Greg alone. Outfitting him a flashy matador styled suit, they want him to be a solo act and to use the stage name Johnny Bravo.

Despite feeling that he is letting his siblings down by not having them included in the deal, Greg eventually gets caught up in the potential of fame and fortune and contemplates going ahead with the deal. Greg's act initially places a strain between himself and his siblings, who do feel that he acted in his own self-interest despite earlier agreeing that they are not individuals but a group, and between himself and his parents, who don't want him to forgo a college education. But Greg came to a final decision on the deal after spending more time with Tami and Buddy and learning their motivation for wanting to sign him specifically was because he "fit the suit", prompting Greg to walk out.


Guest starring/Recurring cast

  • Claudia Jennings as Tami Cutler
  • Paul Cavonis as Buddy Berkman
  • Jeff Davis as Hal Barton

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